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EMS consultancy company specialized in providing warehouse management, material management and product sourcing services to Canadian Small and Medium sized Enterprises. With our expertise in these areas, we are committed to delivering astute solutions that will increase agility, reduce costs and boost the overall efficiency of warehouse functions in the organizations. Our material management services provide a comprehensive approach to all aspects of inventory control, scheduling, order tracking and stock analysis. We offer flexible solutions tailored specifically to help them grow their business and source products from abroad. Canadian SMEs can now benefit from the cost-effectiveness, quality and freshness of our new supply chain international alliance, making them competitive players in the industry. With our extensive industry experience, Consultancy Company is the trusted partner for your supply chain improvement initiatives. Consult with us today and experience the difference!

Company Overview

The ESM consulting & sourcing management company is specialized in advising on sourcing, procuring, and storing the best-in-class petrochemical products which are in line with the current demand of the Canadian petrochemicals sector.

As the Canadian petrochemicals sector is growing, it has led to an increase in the number of distributors and SME’s dealing in the sector which includes managing the whole supply chain and providing the products to the market.

ESM is a global trader of petrochemical and plastic raw material headquartered in Canada and associate branch in Saudi Arabia. We have been in petrochemical and plastic raw material business for 15 years.

Profile of the CEO

Mr. Rashid

Is an experienced Supply Chain and Procurement Specialist in the Petrochemical and Energy Sector.

Professional Background 

With a career spanning 25 years, Mr. Rashid is an eminent professional in the supply chain and logistics industry with extensive expertise across various disciplines such as engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas etc. His vast experience enables him to provide comprehensive services including but not limited to technical sourcing, production planning, inventory management and process specification within the nuances of supply chain management offering tailored solutions for each customer’s needs.

Areas of Expertise: Warehouse & Material Management, Supply chain and Sourcing Management, Procurement, Product Development, Process specification, Operations management & Supplier & Customer Relation Management.

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